DaBoyWay 2Smooth

2Smooth Signs Huge Production Deal in Asia!

Jedi Temple Music Group’s Artist, Producer & Songwriter “Dru “2Smooth” Wijemanne” recently signed a deal to executive produce, Thai superstar, Daboyway’s (of Asian Super Group Thaitanium) debut English album. The project is expected to be out toward the end of summer 2016, with the intentions to introduce the Thai superstar to a more mainstream, international audience and to strengthen 2Smooth’s growing Asian fan-base. 2Smooth has been clear that he has his sights set on getting some international awards considerations for the project. Beyond that, the project has been shrouded in secrecy but has been now confirmed as green lit for production by all parties! JTMG beatmakers, producers & collaborators have also begun contributing to this process.

2Smooth and DaBoyWay
JTMG stands behind this project 100% We look forward to working with Daboyway and his entire team closely in the near future. All beatmakers and artists interested in submitting work for this project should email; demo@jeditemplemusic.com ASAP for consideration.