2Smooth Raya Rouge sell JTMG to GMG

2Smooth & Wife, Raya Rouge, Sell Their Record Label (JTMG)

2Smooth & his wife, Raya Rouge, sell Jedi Temple Music Group (JTMG), it’s catalog & music to Canadian media company, Glitterati Media Group (GMG).

After 4 years at the helm of indie record label, JTMG, 2Smooth and his wife, the current CEO of JTMG, have sold the majority controlling interest in the label, founded in 2012. The company had it’s many ups and downs but was responsible for the release of 2Smooth’s highly-acclaimed project, “1st World Slave, 3rd World King”. JTMG is also responsible for the transition of 2Smooth’s brand into a hip-hop powerhouse in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. JTMG has worked with various international acts and has been a premier production agent for music projects in Asia, Europe and North America’s music markets.

Though the future of the label and brand JTMG is unsure, we can safely assume it is just another step on the journey of 2Smooth & Raya Rouge. New music will be released either under the JTMG banner or the shiny new banner of GMG. JTMG is rumored to have a huge catalog of unreleased material and media. In fact, 2Smooth has stated that JTMG’s unreleased catalog is “huge” and dwarfs the public catalog by over 100 songs.

With the selling of JTMG, a huge chapter in the 2Smooth story closes. Fans and press alike are left wondering what direction 2Smooth plans to take his music and career next.

2Smooth Raya Rouge sell JTMG to GMG

In a statement, Raya Rouge made to media outlets she states:

“All good things run their course. To be competitive & progressive in this business, we decided the time had come to move. We had to make the switch from a smaller indie to a larger Indie. The only way we could do that was to actively move in that direction. JTMG isn’t done. It’s just changing to keep up with the times and the new industry. Now, it can better and more effectively reach out and impact our fans and fanbase.” Raya “Raya Rouge” Wijemanne


2Smooth himself had the following to say:

“ JTMG started out a bedroom. We had nothing but our talents and we grew that into what it is today. A lot of people helped and built that dream. Unfortunately, we hit a point where the management needs were taking away from the creative. That was one of the major factors that drove us to make the decision. When you start something from zero, it’s nice to be able to cash in and see the fruits of your labour! Trust me, I made sure I got a bag for that. All the people around me are happy with the decision!” Dru “2smooth” Wijemanne


The reasons may not be public, but fans and press alike hope this change will bring forth more music from both 2Smooth and Raya Rouge. As for the the 100+ songs, that JTMG never released, we hope it will soon see the light of day!