2Smooth Signs to Glitterati

2Smooth Signs to Glitterati Gang

Canadian rapper, recording artist, entertainer & musician 2Smooth has signed to “Glitterati Gang”, a subsidiary of Glitterati Media Group (GMG). The newly formed record label and music production wing of GMG announced that they had reached a deal with the artist for the release of his sophomore project, expected early 2017. This should come as no surprise, as 2Smooth and his wife sold the controlling interest in their former joint venture JTMG (Jedi Temple Music Group) to GMG including catalog and music rights, only a few weeks ago.



2Smooth stated he wasn’t going anywhere and that his huge catalog of unreleased material would still be firmly in his influence. This will not change as 2Smooth signs a new recording, production & management deal with GMG, or more directly, Glitterati Gang.  Included in the deal, is a stake of voting shares and a spot on the board of directors of both GMG and Glitterati Gang. What position 2Smooth will have on the board is uncertain but insiders assume it will be a high level management and/or A&R role, similar to his former position at JTMG.

Rumors have also started to spread that his wife and partner, Raya Rouge, would be signing a similar deal in the upcoming weeks would perhaps share the role of CEO of the new Glitterati Gang imprint.

Other perks of the new recording deal include a high six-figure project budget and guaranteed release schedules. The new corporate structure of Glitterati Gang is expected to take more of the day to day business and management tasks off the entertainer’s hands, while allowing him more time to work with his art & music.

It seems like a good deal for both 2Smooth & his fans, as it means we can all look forward to new music in the following months!