2Smooth Begins Mentorship & Consultancy Program to Give Back to Young Artists

Entertainment professional, 2Smooth, has worked as a DJ, producer, performer, songwriter and ghostwriter for the last 12 years. The list is pretty extensive, and some of your favorite artists and songs have included his input as either a songwriter/producer or consultant.

2Smooth has stated that he now only works on larger scale projects with six figure budgets or more. Yet, he still gets huge volumes of offers from young artists and projects that don’t meet that criteria. In his statement, he also stated “it hurts” him that he sometimes feels that he can’t help younger, emerging artists that are currently in a position similar to where he was just a few short years ago.

2Smooth in the studio

2Smooth decides to help out emerging artists

Good news! A new option is now available for those that were disappointed. 2Smooth has recently made himself available a few times a week to consult and work with emerging talents with smaller budgets. Though only available for a few hours, twice a week artists can now consult directly with 2Smooth on any music business or project they want, regardless of budget. Furthermore, 2Smooth has agreed to charge half price to any music student currently enrolled in an accredited music program, making it even more affordable to get 2Smooth’s input on their next project.

Those interested can book their appointments directly on 2Smooth’s official site www.2smoothmusic.com, which has a calendar and direct booking platforms integrated to make the process as easy as seeing the doctor. And that’s precisely what your getting: the best doctor in the business for your music! Take note, the slots are very competitive. (first come, first serve) The bookings get filled up weeks in advance. Be sure to book your consultation early to avoid disappointments!

2Smooth recording