Survivor Gear signs 2Smooth

The New Brand Ambassador for “Survivor-Gear” the Military, Tactical and Survival Gear Retailer!

Canadian hip-hop artist, songwriter & producer 2Smooth recently signed a new contract, becoming an official brand ambassador and marketing partner for “Survivor-Gear”.

Survivor-Gear is a military & survival hardware and products retailer, who just launched their first online direct-to-consumer store at In the past, the Survivor-Gear parent company, Wii Group, has worked only as a wholesaler and military contract bidding firm, supplying both public military sectors and private, corporate & civilian sectors with high quality military and tactical hardware. His management expects that this will help diversify 2Smooth’s brand image. This is his first major brand endorsement in the sector of survival, military and tactical equipment.

The hardware supplier, Survivor-Gear, will soft launch its online store by Oct 15th, 2016. They will have the full range of their product supply online and available to customers by the 2016 Christmas season. The logistics of offering high spec military grade equipment to civilians is a lengthy endeavor. Each product goes through an extensive approval process to clear the products for civilian use and commercial sale. Products will slowly trickle into the store as approval is confirmed and cleared.

A company spokesperson for “Survivor-Gear” says, “They are ecstatic about 2Smooth joining the team. They’ve already pipelined a product showcase” through the artist’s upcoming music video campaigns. The upcoming promotions will be revolving around the release of his new music and sophomore album expected in Spring 2017, from Canadian recording label, “Glitterati Gang”.

In a statement released to the press, 2Smooth’s PR representative said, “Stay tuned. We got some super cool products to showcase from It’s definitely gonna be super dope. It’s definitely gonna take the concepts of 2Smooth’s and Glitterati Gang’s music videos to a whole new level”.


You can shop for all your tactical, military and outdoor survival needs at and use the coupon code : 2smoothsurvives at checkout to save unto 50% on your next order!