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Team 2Smooth Update : Oct 2016

Hey everyone!

I know I stopped updating my site back in 2013 and stopped reaching out to the countless people who have continued to support me and my career. Truth is, I started using other social media like Instagram and Snapchat heavily. I didn’t really see a need to have a full-blown artist site. Well, things change and I’m happy to introduce you guys to this new site and a more comprehensive way for everyone to get in touch with me.

Stay updated on my progress and latest releases and projects!

Not sure where to start, as it’s been years since I did a Team2Smooth update! But a lot has changed and a lot of cool stuff is in the pipeline. One of the main things, that has repeatedly come up, is when I’m gonna drop a new album.

Truthfully, I have one pretty much ready to go and, now that I’ve signed to Glitterati Gang (new label), everyone can expect to hear new music starting this Christmas season and a new album sometime in spring 2017.

Other projects that I’m really excited about include “Daboyway’s” (of Asian super group Thaitanium) first solo album! I’ve been working first hand on the project as an executive producer and am proud to say its 95% done, too. You can expect it to be out sometime before the end of the year (2016). The lead single is already out and you can check the music video “YEAH YEAH YEAH” here!

Also, I am working on “Raya Rouge’s” debut album, which should be out Feb 2017, with a couple singles starting to drop between now and then! Make sure you stay tuned as it’s definitely gonna be a cool project and has years of development behind it! We’ve been working on it since 2014!

I wanna take a minute and say thanks to all the die-hard Jedi and JTMG supporters worldwide! The decision to sell the label was difficult but has definitely freed me up to pursue my passions. I get to make music a lot more, so I’m really happy with the decision and how the new management is working out! JTMG isn’t dead by any means. It’s actually just gotten better and is now more poised to push a lot of the work I’ve been stockpiling since 2013!

Team 2Smooth

Make sure you follow all my social media as its all been updated by the Glitterati Gang team and will be updated much more frequently now!


Thank You Guys for all the Luv & Support

Blessings & Guidance

Dru “2Smooth” Wijemanne


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